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  1. Legal Entities: Which One to Choose?
  2. Is My Company Ready for incorporation?
  3. Company Bylaws: What’s Really Going On Here


  1. Cash Poor? Here’s How to Pay Your Employees
  2. Cannabis Startups and Board Formation Power Dynamics


  1. Cash Poor? Here’s How to Pay Your Employees
  2. 409(a) Restrictions – It Really is Important
  3. Par Value – It’s All in the Numbers
  4. Cannabis Startups And Initial Authorization Of Shares: What’s The Right Number?


  1. Hiring Employers vs. Consultants – Best Practices For Cannabis Companies


  1. Think Someone’s Copied Your Trademark? Here’s a How to Tell
  2. Copyrights – Here’s What They Cover
  3. Trademark Dilution

Cannabis Resources

  1. Cannabis Law and 280E: Here’s What You Need To Know
  2. CBD – So it is or Isn’t Legal?
  3. Ohio’s Cannabis Licensing Requirements: Racial Justice or Discrimination?
  4. Risk Factors Involved in Cannabis Investments
  5. Cannabis Apps: Protect your Intellectual Property
  6. Cannabis Billboard Ads Threatened in California
  7. Cannabis Trade Secrets – Silence is Golden
  8. Trump, Cannabis, and the Legal Landscape of Cannabis
  9. Cannabis Counterfeits: How to Protect Your Products
  10. Cannabis Compliance Software and Microsoft
  11. Classic Cannabis Law – The Significance of Denver’s Initiative 300
  12. Crossing State Lines With Your Cannabis
  13. How to Get a Cannabis Dispensary License in California
  14. Cannabis Investments: Scam Me Once, Shame on Me
  15. The Environmental Implications of Cannabis Production
  16. How to Get a Cannabis Trademark
  17. How to Build a Profitable Cannabis Grow Room
  18. How to Draft a Lease Agreement for your Marijuana Business
  19. Cannabis Business Licensing & Multiple Condition Contracts
  20. How to Collect on Your Cannabis Investment
  21. How to Get Involved in the Cannabis Industry
  22. Marijuana Investments in 2017 – Key Fundraising Tips for Approaching Investors
  23. Medical Marijuana Licenses: Criminal Preclusions and Financial Constraints
  24. Weed Companies: Keep Your Friends Close and your Enemies Closer
  25. California’s Proposition 64: What It Means For Advertising & Marketing Marijuana
  26. If Marijuana Becomes Legal In 2017, What Happens To Everyone In Jail?

Podcasts in Text

  1. The App Guy Podcast – Cannabis, IP, and Artificial Intelligence