THC Legal Group

A Group of Marijuana Attorneys

THC Legal Group, a Marijuana law firm, was founded with the goal of harnessing our unique expertise in Startup and Intellectual Property law and deploying it to innovative clients in the Cannabis space.

THC Legal Group is a Cannabis law firm comprised of lawyers with decades of experience in intellectual property protection and startup law. On the most fundamental level, our objective is to provide excellence in legal representation for business owners in the Cannabis market.

With the ever evolving and growing legislation surrounding the Cannabis industry, it is critical that innovative business leaders protect their interests. As a service group of Howard M. Cohn & Associates, we have access to attorneys in highly complex, specialized areas of the law. Our Cannabis Attorneys strive to develop robust and comprehensive legal plans for our clients.


We explore our clients’ goals and work together to map out their unique legal needs and requirements.

More than a group of cannabis lawyers, we are trusted advisors

Explosive Growth. Dynamic Legal Protection. Brilliant Counsel.


Perhaps one of the legal field’s most profound shortcomings is its inaccessibility to non-lawyers. It often feels as though laws were written to make them unintelligible. THC Legal Group is committed to educating our clients and explaining the legal significance of each and every step that we take to protect your interests.