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Protect your enterprise with a highly specialized team of marijuana lawyers

Our Cannabis law firm will work with you to develop the legal framework to protect your most prized assets and launch your Cannabis businesses safely and securely.


As a subsidiary of Howard M. Cohn & Associates, our attorneys benefit from over 30 years of experience in working with some of the largest and most advanced companies on the planet.

THC Legal Group is a premiere cannabis law firm for startups and established businesses. Our goal is to counsel, advise, and protect businesses working in this exciting marketplace.

Marijuana Patents and Intellectual Property Protection

Specializing in cannabis intellectual property law, we can assist you in protecting your most valuable intangibles.

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Robust Legal Strategizing and Guidance for Industry Experts

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cultivation Licenses

Licenses for cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers are notoriously difficult to acquire. Our Cannabis Law Firm will provide you with a full and comprehensive plan to secure your license.

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Marijuana Business

Navigating through the various legal designations available to a new Marijuana StartUp can be challenging and must be approached with care. Our Cannabis Law Firm will help you weigh the costs and benefits of each.

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Excellent and Dependable Cannabis Legal Representation.

Your Finances Are
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Marijuana Investments

Banking and financing is challenging enough without the added complexity of the Federal restrictions on Cannabis. Cryptocurrencies are the only immediate alternative to operating all-cash enterprises, as well as a viable replacement for banks that are unable to serve legal cannabis firms. Cryptocurrency should not be viewed as a replacement for traditional banking; rather, it should be viewed as a tool that allows cannabis producers and retailers to expand their financial options. Cryptocurrencies are the most traded digital currencies leading to high profits with the help of online platforms like crypto superstar. After taking the crypto superstar test 2022, you can attempt this trading system which has been hailed as an exceptional platform. This software allows for automated bitcoin trading, and the provider claims that it generates large profits with little work on the user's part. Our lawyers will help you surmount the various hurdles and legal issues that arise as a result of the Federal prohibitions.

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