Our startup package is designed to help you launch.

Analyzing your business model to discern the proper legal strategy
to achieve your business goals and objectives.

We are living in a wonderland of unbelievable technological growth and achievement. Start-Up companies are truly the driving force of modern entrepreneurship and our startup attorneys relish the opportunity to work with all of the extraordinary leaders and visionaries pushing this exciting industry to new heights. Our most fundamental objective is to guide you through the process of effectively protecting your key intellectual property rights while securing agreements that extract maximal value and worth.

While every startup has a different story, all require essential legal services to get off the ground.

Assisting with the selection of a company name that will be approved by the Department of State.

Preparing and drafting the following documents for your company.

Certificate of Incorporation.

Preparing and filing federal and state S-Corp elections (if applicable).

By-Laws​/Operating Agreement.

Obtaining a Federal Tax Identification Number (also known as an EIN) for the new company, which is typically necessary for tax and banking purposes.

Drafting At-Will Employment Offer.

Drafting Employee agreements, handbooks, and training guides.

Drafting Assignment of Intellectual Property agreement.

Shareholders’ Initial Resolutions​​​.

Directors’ Initial Resolutions​.

Subscription Agreement.

Start-up Package
It’s a new era